Data Discovery Center

The Data Discovery Center provides a data sharing platform gathering data from different organizations involved in regional mobility and making these data available and accessible to anyone.
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How it started: we learnt that many of the datasets available are too complex for those outside of their source organisations to understand. We needed to make the data more accessible to enable SME’s and universities to innovate and collaborate more easily. Many of the partner organisations recognised the need to open and share their data, and collaborate outside traditional boundaries, but are unsure how to achieve this.

Regional and Collaborative West Midlands Data Discovery Centre – innovation and access to improve mobility

We need to improve digital, data and collaboration skills for staff within the highways, rail, construction, freight/haulage and public transport industries engaging and enabling local communities early in the process is crucial to accommodating their needs, reducing congestion, improving air quality, health and wellbeing, and enabling local businesses to thrive during the changes.
To help solve these problems, the Data Discovery Centre concept was born.